Portugal in the Arena

Situated in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, between Spain an the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is endowed with many qualities which make it an extremely attractive contry.
Know for the privileged climate and traditional warmth of its people, Portugal presents other characteristics of the utmost importance for the audiovisual industry (film and television).

Despite its small area (92000 square kilometres), Portugal is remarkable for the variety of natural landscape - excellent beaches not rarely desert (I am fortunate to live close and love it when the beach is deserted), fascinating mountains, vast plains, and also for the great value of its «decors» - towns surrounded by ancient walls, majestic castles (in this field, I admit that France wins), large number of historical monuments, typical villages and colourful markets. But with the vegetation, I admit that Portuguese is bad lover and not valued as it should be (sorry).

On the other hand, there are other factors of major importance for the audiovisual industry, namely the labour force and material (however, generally, filming in Portugal requires previous authorization. All requests must be written in portuguese language and is compulsory to include synopsis, indication of dates and locations of filmings, names of producer, director and production manager 8).
Among foreign motion pictures directed in Portugal, one can names Truffaul (La Peau Douce), Miller (L´accompagnatrice), August in Sintra (The House of the Spirits), Fuller, Deville, etc.. Large productions!
In fact, Portugal can complete with highly qualified technicians, workers, actors, professional assistants, recordists and extras. In terms of material, it is possible to satisfy all innovations that occur worldwide.
Recently (...), by the audiovisual industry was given new tasks and responsabilities towards movies activity and «moving images» in general, regardless institutional basis.
Existe in Portugal the association that aims to bring together feature film producers in order to promote a better knowledge, development, representation and protection (EU) of the profession and respective activity.

To preserve this patrimony and to foster the knowledge of this cience, contributing for the development of Portugal culture and ensuring the maintenance of the specific values associated with the television.. Portugal is not for sale.

This is our mission!!